NC School Officials Hazed Disabled Man

I was shocked when I heard about this.  Five school officials at Cherokee High School, in Cherokee, NC, hazed a disabled man by making him eat hot sauce.  The disabled man helps out at school sporting events.  He was forced to eat the hot sauce because he attended a sporting event that did not involve the school.

Even more shocking, is that the school officials that were involved in this incident included the school principal and vice-principal.  Also involved were basketball coaches.  They were all suspended.  No charges were filed against these men, because the police say it wasn’t a crime.

Really?  It should be a crime.  I’ve heard of hazing going on at colleges.  I don’t like them.  I think they should be illegal in all states.  It is abhorrent to me that five high school officials would do this.  I don’t know what kind of disability the victim has, physical or mental.  Even if the man had no disability, I would be shocked at this hazing incident.

I hope that all five men are fired.  They have no business working with children.  I would fear for any child of mine in a school with staff capable of doing what they did.


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