Wholesome Goodness Prize Pack Review and Giveaway

I was offered the opportunity to review products from Wholesome Goodnees, a healthy and tasty line of foods that are new to the United States. The products in the package I received are:

Kentucky City Style Barbecue Sauce
Almond Milk Chocolate Flavor
Garden Style Mild Salsa
Sea Salt Chips
Grilled Vegetable Chips
Multigrain & Flax Chips
Mountain Trail Mix
Tuxedo Trail Mix
Apple Cinnamon Omega Granola Bars
Quick Cook Steel Cut Oatmeal
Multigrain Oats Cereal

I enjoyed all of them. My favorite was the Apple Cinnamon Omega Granola Bars. They are small, but full of flavor. One serving, one bar, contains 2.5g of fat, 0g cholesterol, and 40mg of sodium. When I looked at the nutritional information on their products, I noticed that most of them are low sodium. I like this about Whole Goodness foods, because I prefer eating foods that are low in sodium.

I received my package in time for the party I had on Saturday. I put the chips out for my guests, and they loved them. The favorite of the chips was the Grilled Vegetable. Absolutely yummy. A serving size of these chips is about 16 chips. There are 7g of fat in one serving, with 80mg of sodium and 0 cholesterol.

Check out the ingredients in the chips.  There isn’t one that I don’t recognize.


Stone Ground Corn, Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Medley (Red & Green Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Tomato and Carrot), Toasted Corn Germ, Sprouted Ancient Whole Grain Medley (Buckwheat, Sorghum, Millet, Amaranth, and Quinoa), Dried Cane Syrup and Sea Salt.

Last night, my husband made meatballs using the Kentucky Style Barbecue sauce.  There’s no fat or cholesterol in this barbecue sauce, but there is 240mg of sodium per serving.  I ate 2 meatballs, and didn’t even get half of a serving of the barbecue sauce on them.  You don’t need to use a lot of this barbecue sauce on your meat.  It has a lot of flavor, and a little goes a long ways.

If you are on a gluten free diet, some of their products are gluten free.  Some are also Kosher.  You can check out the product information pages on their website to find out what the allergen information is for each of their products.

Wholesome Goodness is new to the United States, originally available only in Canada.  Now, they have their products in over 200 stores in NC, VA, MD and WV.  If you are not in one of those states, don’t worry.  As good as their foods are, they are bound to be available in more states soon.  In the meantime, Wholesome Goodness has offered to do a giveaway for my readers.  The prize pack will include one of each item that I received.  This giveaway starts now, and will end March 13, 2012.  Please leave one comment per entry.  The winner will be chosen by random.org and contacted by email.  Open to US only.


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LOVESICK Book Review

Author Spencer Seidel has come out with a new crime novel titled LOVESICK. I was sent a review copy to read and keep. I found this book to be captivating. It’s well written, and draws the reader into the story immediately. In the beginning, a murder of a young man is discovered by two beat cops. It appears that the crime was committed by the young man found covered in the victim’s blood, at the scene.
The author introduces the main character, Dr. Lisa Boyers, as a forensic psychologist, who is brought in to interview the young killer, and help him recover his lost memories of the killing. As the story unfolds, Dr. Boyers has to face her own past demons, and fight to stay alive.
One thing I loved about this story, is that just when you think you know what is going on, the author introduces a twist to the storyline. Everything changes, and you are left trying to figure it all out again. I found myself feeling sympathy for the young man charged with murder. His whole life was turned upset down, and he couldn’t figure out why.
Spencer Seidel shows how one decision a person makes can impact many lives. Also, he shows how that one decision can lead to a lifelong series of events. You’ll have to read the book to understand what I mean. I don’t want to give away anymore than what I have.
One thing that I would have liked to have more of in this book, is romance. Dr. Lisa Boyers is brought into this case by an old friend, Paul Ducharme. There is a chemistry between the two, but Lisa isn’t ready for a relationship. I understand why the author didn’t expand more on this, but still felt that it was an element that needed to be included in the storyline. It would be nice if the author made a series of books based on these characters. If he does that, he could build up a romantic relationship between the two.
This is Seidel’s second book that has been published. His first book, Dead of Wynter, was well-received by critics. If he keeps writing as well as he has in LOVESICK, I predict a long, and successful career as an author of crime novels.

The Legacy of Eden Book Review

I was asked to participate in the book tour for Nelle Davy’s The Legacy of Eden. I enjoy reading books, so I said yes. They sent me the book to review and keep. Today is the scheduled day for the author to stop by my blog and answer any questions my readers may have.
I enjoyed reading this book. It’s a complex look into three generations of a family, from the view point of a third generation member. She is Meredith Pincetti, the youngest grandchild of the family. She relates the history of her family, as she lived them or heard stories about. She also carries a secret that isn’t revealed until the end of the story.
Meredith relates the story of the rise and fall of the Hathaway, her family, and the family farm Aurelia. I found that the book is dark in it’s content. This is not a happy, loving family. At the root of the family, and it’s history, is Lavinia Hathaway. She is Meredith’s grandmother, and the main catalyst of the events in the book. Lavinia manipulates people and events, with the end goal of getting what she wants.
The ending of the book left me wanting more. I wanted to know about Meredith’s future. I wanted to know about the future of her two sisters. I also wanted to know if Aurelia , the family farm sold at auction, will ever reclaim it’s past glory.
I think those are good questions to ask Nelle Davy on her visit to Carolina Mom Bloggers. I would also like to ask her a few other questions.
1. What was the inspiration for this story?
2. Do you have plans for another book, and if so, can you tell us a little about it?
3. Lavinia seemed like a character with no moral compass. What was it like writing that type of character?
4. Who is your favorite character, and why?

The Legacy Of Eden and LOVESICK Scavenger Hunts

I will be participating in the book tours by giving reviews of each book.  I wanted to share the schedule of the scavenger hunts with you, since they start today.

LOVESICK Scavenger Blog Hunt

Blog Tour: LOVE SICK by Spencer Seidel

In addition to the scavenger hunt, you’ll find reviews, author Q&A sessions, guest blog posts, and giveaways throughout the blog tour. Books featured in the hunt are on the edge of their release date – so you get to start reading it first!

By Spencer Seidel

Spencer Seidel’s love of reading and writing began as a child after he discovered Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His first novel, Dead of Wynter, was published in 2011 and was well-received by critics and readers alike. When he’s not writing novels, Spencer enjoys playing loud rock guitar, something he’s been doing for over twenty-five years.

The scavenger hunt schedule:

Use the guide below to find where each day’s excerpt is posted – and maybe even leave a comment for the hosting book blogger.  Just click on the blog site name to get to the site.

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THE LEGACY OF EDEN Scavenger Blog Hunt

Blog Tour: The Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy

Each day in February, a section of the chapter will be featured by a book blogger which is listed in the guide below. In addition to the scavenger hunt, you’ll find reviews, author Q&A sessions, guest blog posts, and giveaways throughout the blog tour. Books featured in the hunt are on the edge of their release date – so you get to start reading it first!

The scavenger hunt schedule:

Use the guide below to find where each day’s excerpt is posted – and maybe even leave a comment for the hosting book blogger.  Just click on the blog site name to get to the site.

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