A NJ Disabled Child Denied A Transplant

The parents of a 3-year-old New Jersey girl say she’s being denied a kidney transplant because of her mental disabilities, but experts caution the situation may be much more complex. – WRAL

Rivera wrote that a doctor, whom she did not name, told her and her husband, Joe Rivera, that Amelia wouldn’t be eligible for a transplant because of her quality of life and her mental condition.

“I put my hand up. ‘Stop talking for a minute. Did you just say that Amelia shouldn’t have the transplant done because she is mentally retarded. I am confused. Did you really just say that?'” she wrote. “I begin to shake. My whole body trembles and he begins to tell me how she will never be able to get on the waiting list because she is mentally retarded.” – MSNBC

After reading these articles, I looked online for Chrissy Rivera’s post.  I wanted to read what happened in her words.  I found it, and it really angered me.  I’m not sure if it was the doctor’s words or the social worker’s words that upset me more. Just the knowledge that there are people out there that think this way scares me.

I understand how Chrissy feels.  She is fighting for her child’s life, and is facing a battle of bigotry.  I have had doctors that don’t understand my child.  That have said that I need to “make” him do something, or not “let” him do something.  I have never had to face this kind of battle.  With all of my son’s developmental problems and health issues, none have been life threatening.

In my opinion, a child’s mental status should not factor into a transplant.  It’s her health status that should matter.  Is she physically able to survive a transplant?  That’s all that matters.  It sounds like Chrissy is a lot like me.  She will do anything for her child.  I can understand that.  What she is going through is difficult enough, but to add to it with this kind of treatment from “professionals”?  It’s sickening.


NC School Officials Hazed Disabled Man

I was shocked when I heard about this.  Five school officials at Cherokee High School, in Cherokee, NC, hazed a disabled man by making him eat hot sauce.  The disabled man helps out at school sporting events.  He was forced to eat the hot sauce because he attended a sporting event that did not involve the school.

Even more shocking, is that the school officials that were involved in this incident included the school principal and vice-principal.  Also involved were basketball coaches.  They were all suspended.  No charges were filed against these men, because the police say it wasn’t a crime.

Really?  It should be a crime.  I’ve heard of hazing going on at colleges.  I don’t like them.  I think they should be illegal in all states.  It is abhorrent to me that five high school officials would do this.  I don’t know what kind of disability the victim has, physical or mental.  Even if the man had no disability, I would be shocked at this hazing incident.

I hope that all five men are fired.  They have no business working with children.  I would fear for any child of mine in a school with staff capable of doing what they did.

NC Hospital Policy Not To Hire Disabled

I found out yesterday that the hospital in my town has a policy not to hire mentally disabled, or let them volunteer.  I checked their website, and they claim to be an equal opportunity employer.  Is this a fair claim if they will hire a physically disabled person, but not a mentally disabled person?

One of the biggest hospitals in the state makes a point of hiring personnel with disabilities.  They will gear a job towards a person’s abilities.  Why can’t the hospital in my town do the same?  I don’t know.  I was going to contact them, and ask, but I got the feeling from my source that this was an unwritten policy.

The facts are, and I hate to admit it, they can not hire mentally disabled personnel, or allow them to volunteer, simply by not   creating positions for them.  Or by not adapting jobs for them.  There are a lot of tasks that a mentally disabled person can do, but employers have to take time to create positions for each individual person.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of employers willing to do that.

This situation saddens and angers me.  In a few years, my son will be old enough to have a job.  He is very low functioning, but there are jobs that he can do.  He’s great with organization.  He’s great about putting things in their proper place.  He’s great at sorting.  He would need someone with him at all times, but he has a community aid for that.  He also has me and his father.

Things don’t get easier as our children grow up.  If anything, they get harder.