The #Avengers and Dinosaurs

It was a great weekend.  We went to the movies on Saturday, and saw the Avengers.  My husband and I were looking forward to watching this movie.  I was worried about taking the kids to see it, but they loved it.  I was also worried about the cost, but this movie was worth the money.

There were a lot of great moments in the movie, but two stood out as perfect.  To have one perfect scene in a movie is great.  To have two perfect scenes is incredible.  These two scenes had everyone in the theater laughing and cheering.  If you have seen the movie, I’m sure you know which two scenes I am talking about.

They both involved the Hulk.  The first one was Hulk and Thor fighting the aliens.  When it was just the two of them standing next to each other, it happened.  The perfect moment.  The perfect scene.  One quick movement from Hulk, and the audience was laughing and cheering.  Too bad for Thor that the movement, or punch, was directed at him.

The second perfect scene was Loki and Hulk.  I won’t describe it, because it’s one of those things you just have to see for yourself.  Again, if you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about.  It’s the only scene with just the two of them.  It was awesome.

These two scenes were what everyone was talking about after the movie.  There were other great scenes, and my husband and I talked and laughed about them afterwards, but we always came back to the two perfect scenes.  If you haven’t been to see this movie, you need to go.  The Avengers is an absolute must see.

The next day, Sunday, we went to the zoo.  It was a great day.  The weather was cool, and we were able to see some great attractions.  The NC Zoo in Asheboro, NC, has a new attraction that we were looking forward to seeing.  It was a dinosaur exhibit.  The dinosaurs were mechanical, and were amazing.

Isn’t he a sweetie?  He’s the last one we saw on the dino trail.  I just had to stand in front of him and admire the little cutie. My husband was standing off to the side, as was everyone else.  I was standing in front of him, watching his head move, and listening to the sounds he made, when it happened.  I was in shock when it happened.  I couldn’t believe it.  It spewed water out at me!  Cold water!  I was in shock, looking around at everyone in disbelief.  Then I started laughing and it happened again.  When I was standing there, coming to terms with what had just happened, it didn’t even occur to me to move out of the line of fire.  The second time it happened, my brain started working again, and I moved.  And what was my husband doing?  Laughing!

Dinosaurs were not the only thing that we enjoyed seeing at the zoo.  Here are some pictures of some other animals that we enjoyed seeing.  The trip to the zoo was great.  It was fun, and the kids had a great time.  I’m glad I took the weekend off from working, and just spent time with the family.


17 comments on “The #Avengers and Dinosaurs

  1. I’ve just seen Avengers and I read the link pingback email for my giveaway while in the theater. Thanks again! 🙂

    And yes, that scene between Hulk and Loki made me and Hubby laugh so hard! I couldn’t decide whether I expected the ‘twist’ or not but it was really funny!

  2. I love the zoo and sure wish we had a good one in Las Vegas. We went to the San Diego zoo 2 years ago for a family vacation and had an amazing time!

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