Unmarried Women Can’t File For Domestic Abuse

Last week, NC passed a marriage amendment that defines marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman.  I’m against that.  NC already had a law in place against same sex marriages.  This was just to solidify the law, and close loop holes.

What you may not know, is that within the amendment was a much scarier topic.  Domestic violence. With this amendment now in place, you can no longer file for domestic abuse if you are not married.  It doesn’t matter if you are a couple, living together.  If you are not married, you can not seek protection of any kind based on domestic abuse laws.

It took a long time, and a lot of hard work, to get domestic abuse laws on record.  These should not be based on whether or not you are married.  If you are a couple, living together or not, they should apply.  I feel that NC has taken a step back in time with this amendment.  This amendment should not have passed.



Lawmaker Says Girl Scouts Promotes Homosexuality and Abortion

Indiana lawmaker Bob Morris says. He has labeled the Girls Scouts of America a radical organization that promotes homosexuality and abortion and is out to destroy American values. – LATimes

When I heard this on the news, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or get mad.  I was a Girl Scout leader for 3 years.  I have taken a break from it this year, because my daughter wanted to do cheerleading.  I only became a Girl Scout leader because of my daughter.

One thing that strongly stands out in my mind, from when I did the leader training, is that we were not to discuss sensitive issues with the girls in the troop.  If they were to bring them up, we were to refer them to their parents.  It was not our place to take a stance on issues like homosexuality, abortion, religion, or other sensitive subjects.  These were up to the parents.  We were to encourage our girls to respect each other, respect their differences, and respect their beliefs.

Morris said he made his discoveries after talking to some knowledgeable constituents and conducting “a small amount of Web-based research.” He said the discussion and research led to his conclusions that the Girl Scouts encourage sexual activity, are a front for Planned Parenthood, and that scouts are encouraged to look up to role models who endorse feminist, lesbian and Communist agendas. – LATimes

In y experience, Girl Scouts is for promoting strong girls.  They strive to teach them to be leaders.  They teach independent thinking.  I would like to see the research Morris has supporting his views of the Girl Scouts.  I think that he went out on the internet to look for something negative about the Girl Scouts, and used that to discredit them.  I also believe that if you were to go online and look for something negative about anything, you will find it.  It doesn’t mean that it is true.

Morris needs to do more research, in my opinion.

Whitney Houston Has Died

Whitney Houston has been reported dead by the Associated Press.  48 year old singer and actress is dead, but the where and why are not yet known.

I was a big fan of her music, but not her.  I have always believed that she lived her life too far on the edge.  She has been reported as using drugs, and for being high-strung and temperamental.  Even though I didn’t approve of her lifestyle, I did enjoy her music.  I am saddened that she has passed away.  Before, there was always a chance that she could change.  I had hopes that she would revive her music career.  Now, it is over.

New Definition of Autism Will Do Harm

An expert panel, appointed by the American Psychiatric Association, is working on a new definition for autism.  They are working to narrow the criteria for autism, in order to lower the rate of autism spectrum disorders diagnosis.  They are working towards excluding high functioning autism (PDD-NOS and Asperger’s) from the spectrum.

Under the current criteria, a person can qualify for the diagnosis by exhibiting 6 or more of 12 behaviors; under the proposed definition, the person would have to exhibit 3 deficits in social interaction and communication and at least 2 repetitive behaviors, a much narrower menu. – NYTimes

If these proposed changes were to happen, many children and adults will lose their much needed supports.  In my opinion, this would be disastrous. It takes a lot of paperwork, time, and money on the part of parents, to get a diagnosis for their child.  Then, it takes a lot of time and paperwork to get the services needed.

If these proposed changes were to happen, our children could lose their health coverage, therapy, community supports, and even their secure classroom.  Without the diagnosis, children with an IEP based on an autism diagnosis, could lose the protection of an IEP.  They would be completely lost in the public school settings.  It’s hard enough for our children to get their needs met in school, but it would be impossible without an IEP.

I think that the government is scared about the rise in Autism rates.  I believe that they don’t want to spend the time and money to help families with autism, and to find out what causes Autism, so they are using the American Psychiatric Association to lower the Autism rates.  This is horrible!  Changing the definition of autism will not help.  It will cause a lot more harm to the number of children and adults that are currently diagnosed with autism, as well as those that will no longer be diagnosed (but need to in order to receive the services needed to help them) with autism.

Leave the definition of Autism alone.  Instead, find out what causes it and how to help those who are diagnosed with autism.

NC School Officials Hazed Disabled Man

I was shocked when I heard about this.  Five school officials at Cherokee High School, in Cherokee, NC, hazed a disabled man by making him eat hot sauce.  The disabled man helps out at school sporting events.  He was forced to eat the hot sauce because he attended a sporting event that did not involve the school.

Even more shocking, is that the school officials that were involved in this incident included the school principal and vice-principal.  Also involved were basketball coaches.  They were all suspended.  No charges were filed against these men, because the police say it wasn’t a crime.

Really?  It should be a crime.  I’ve heard of hazing going on at colleges.  I don’t like them.  I think they should be illegal in all states.  It is abhorrent to me that five high school officials would do this.  I don’t know what kind of disability the victim has, physical or mental.  Even if the man had no disability, I would be shocked at this hazing incident.

I hope that all five men are fired.  They have no business working with children.  I would fear for any child of mine in a school with staff capable of doing what they did.