Autism Child and Technology

I think it is amazing how well my son is doing with his new Colby Android Tablet.  Having a child with autism can be challenging.  He is low functioning, and nonverbal.  Teaching him the most basic task takes a lot of time and patience.  So when he can pick up a piece of modern technology, and learn how to operate it on his own, I get really excited.

It took him two days before he started getting the hang of using his new tablet.  He is now able to pull up anything on YouTube that he wants to watch.  That’s where his interest takes him.  He loves watching music videos, elevator videos, and old television shows.  He has it set up where he can bring up the keyboard on the screen, and select a letter to bring up what he wants to watch.  If he wants Bear In The Big Blue House, he selects B, and the search shows a list of the Bear In The Big Blue House searches.  If he wants Rolly Polly Olly, he selects R.  For Shania Twain, S.  His tablet remembers what he has viewed previously, and that’s what comes up first in his search.

He also takes really good care of his tablet.  He is gentle with it.  He puts it away when he is finished.  The only thing he has trouble with is turning it on.  You have to hold the power button down until it turns on, and he has figured that out.  Yet.  He knows which button is the power button, and will push it, but doesn’t hold it down long enough to turn on.  When he wants to use it, he’ll bring it to us to help him.  Then he is off to use it.  He knows how to connect to the internet with it.  He knows how to go straight to YouTube.  He absolutely loves it.

I’m so happy to see him expanding his interests with it.  When he uses it, I get to see where his interests are at the moment.  I learn what things he likes and doesn’t like.  The best thing is when I hear him giggling.  The sound of his laughter is the best medicine in the world.  If I am feeling depressed, or upset over something, hearing him laugh picks me right up and makes me smile.