When Things Get Worse You Keep Smiling

It’s not easy.  Just when I thought I was getting better, I got worse.  I have an ear infection, and it woke me up this morning with popping and then fluid draining out of it.  It hurt.  It still does.  I had to cancel my dentist appointment, and go see the doctor.  As miserable as I was, I kept smiling.  I was not going to let it get me down.

Before I went to the doctor, I caught my sister on Facebook.  That doesn’t happen that often.  She lives in a different state, has a really busy schedule, and is fighting Leukemia.  She had a doctor appointment today to see if she was in remission.  She also told me she has been suffering from depression.  This fight with Leukemia has been hard for her.  When I got home from seeing the doctor, I checked her update, and she isn’t in remission.  I just want to go down to FL and put my arms around her.  She needs help, and I am too far away.  Her husband has been great, really supportive of her needs.  I just wish we lived in the same state, and town.

I don’t understand what she is going through.  I don’t know a lot about Leukemia.  I do know that it is physically and mentally taking it’s toll on her.  I worry about her.  She was up here last month, and seemed to be doing good.  But that is my sister.  She puts up a good front.  If she can, I can.  Even though today was tough for me, I can keep smiling.  I’ll get better.  I just hope my sister will, too.