Having My Own Home Business

I enjoy having my own home business.  My first one was Avon, but I stopped that after we moved and started selling felt boards.  Now that my kids have outgrown the felt boards, I decided to give that up and go back to Avon.  I’m really happy that I did.  My Avon business is doing great.

Not only am I selling Avon, I am also building a downline.  I am working on becoming a Unit Leader.  I like that I am earning money by both selling and mentoring other Representatives.  It’s been keeping me busy, but I am loving it.

Do you have a home business?  Other than blogging?  Some people may think that blogging isn’t a business, but it is.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into operating a blog.  It’s a shame that most people don’t realize that.  I haven’t been giving my blogs as much attention as should, lately.  I’m going to change that.  I am planning out my weeks in advance, giving myself time to do everything that needs to be done.  I’m also making sure I include family time, and me time.

I’m having a pretty good week, I’m happy to say.  My son’s communication device was delivered yesterday.  It’s repaired, and working great.  This nasty cold is still going around.  I was over it, then my kids came down with it and my husband relapsed.  Now that they are getting better, it’s made it’s way back to me.  This time, thought, it’s not as bad.  I’m loading up with vitamin C and Zinc.  I’m also taking it easy, getting as much rest as I can.  That’s one of the benefits of being your own boss.  You can arrange your schedule to suit you.

Did you know that it is only $10 to sign up to become an AVON rep?  You will get books and samples to get you started, plus a free website to sell to customers online.  You can sign up online, www.start.youravon.com/.  If you want, you can use my code tlessick, and join my team.  I will be happy to help you build your business.


Keeping Busy With The Family

You may have noticed that I didn’t post that often last week.  That’s because I’ve been so busy with my family.  My daughter went on a 3 day school trip to the aquarium today.  Last week, I had to do a lot of errands to get everything she needed for her trip.  Her school also sent home a note about needing a kite.  Finding a kite isn’t easy.  I went to several stores, and finally found one at Walgreens.

My sister came up from Florida for the weekend.  I needed to get all of my laundry done before the weekend.  When you have two kids, you have a lot of laundry.  I also had my AVON deliveries that I had to make, plus my visits to customers for their orders.  This week will be busy, too.  I have several appointments to go to this morning for my AVON business.  Tomorrow, I have   a dentist appointment and an appointment to get my cholesterol checked.  I’m so hoping that it will be lower.  I’ve been eating healthy, exercising, and taking my pills.  Most of the time.  I have to admit that I am bad at remembering to take my cholesterol pill everyday.

My son’s ear seems to be bothering him still.  He just finished up his antibiotic for his ear infection, and I don’t think it completely cleared it up.  I’ll talk to them at the doctor’s office tomorrow about getting him in at his ENT.  He might need tubes, again.  It would be his fourth set.  My son turns 13 tomorrow.  I can hardly believe it.  Raising an autistic child is challenging, but raising a teenage, autistic son is crazy.

I’m making this a short post, because I have to get ready for my meetings.  I’ll have time later to visit my blogging friends, and am looking forward to catching up on everyone’s weekend.

Curves Can Help You Get In Shape

I have started selling AVON, and wanted to share with you two sales from the Curves line of products.  They have clothes and shoes that can make your exercising easier.

Curves for Women Ztraction Sneaker Regularly $54.99  on sale for $21.50

Curves Trimming Short with Stripes  Regularly $24.99  on sale $12.99

There are several great sales going on.  You can visit my AVON store to browse all of the sales.  If you are interested in doing an eParty, please email me at tlessick@hotmail.com.  With an eParty, you will get your own website for your friends and family to order, and you will earn free products based on your party sales.