Boys and Girls Weekend

This weekend was a boys and girls weekend.  My husband and son did camping with the Boy Scouts.  My daughter and I had a girls weekend.  My guys left on Friday, and returned home on Sunday.  My son rode on the Boy Scout bus, while my husband drove the truck.  Lucky for all of the scouts, our truck also serves as our storage for all of our camping equipment.  The scouts had food, but did not arrange for anything to cook the food in.  My husband pulled our all of our camping pots and pans for them to use.  Our canopy was also put into use.  My husband and son had a great time.  They were tired when they returned home, but willing to go out as a family to walk around some stores.

Friday evening, my daughter gathered her dolls and put them in my bed.  We’ve made it a tradition for us that she will sleep in my bed when the guys go camping.  I have to say, I was extremely happy to have my husband in bed with me Sunday evening.  Sleeping with my daughter and all of her dolls is not fun.

Saturday was a busy day for us.  My daughter had bowling in the morning.  Then, we had to go get some adjustments made on her glasses.  I also had an AVON meeting to attend on Saturday.  It lasted a couple of hours.  We took it easy Saturday evening, but was up and out of the house Sunday morning.  My daughter needed an Easter dress, and a bathing suit.

Shopping for the bathing suit made me realize why my mother and daughter do so well together shopping.  My mom always insists that everything gets tried on.  My daughter thinks everything needs to be tried on.  I prefer to pick a couple of items, different styles,  have her try them on, and pick the best to buy.  My daughter wanted to try on everything.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the same style as something she has already tried on.  I did it her way.  I let her try on everything she wanted to, and then we picked out the best one.  I don’t think I have ever spent an hour shopping for a bathing suit before.

Sunday was miserable.  The morning started out as a battle.  My daughter wanted to go out to a fast food restaurant for breakfast.  I didn’t.  I told her it was either eat at home, or go to one of two places I specified.  We went around and around about it, and it took an hour before we were out the door.  After my husband and son came home, and their laundry was started, we took off for some stores that were out of town.  I wanted to look at things that I couldn’t find in my little town.

We went to two different stores, and I ended up with such a headache.  My daughter wanted me to buy her all kinds of things.  Towards the end, she was fixated on me buying her an Easter basket and treats for her classroom.  I was planning on getting those things today, when she was at school.  I told her this.  She didn’t want to wait.  I ended up very frustrated from constantly saying no, and telling her I will take of those things the next day.  I ended up with a really bad headache. I just wanted to go home.  I was disappointed, because I had started off enjoying myself.  I really just wanted to look around in the group of stores we were at.  They had a lot of things that the stores in my town don’t have.  I could tell my husband was not happy.  There were a couple of stores he wanted to check out.  But, he understood.

I have the month of April packed with commitments.  I am hoping to be able to fit in a family camping trip before it gets too hot.  We’ll see.  It would be nice to get away from the computer and phone for a whole weekend.

How was your weekend?


19 comments on “Boys and Girls Weekend

  1. oh camping I’m not a camping person. Weekend was okay. we did a little of this and that.
    Trying on swimsuits sounds like an ordeal. I only pick 2 of the best styles and let her go with that. if she needs a bigger size in a specific style she’ll try on one more but that it.

  2. We do this as well. I spend time with the girl and the hubby will do something with the boys hten we switch.

  3. I broke my ankle on our camping trip with the cub scouts, but I ended up skipping the hospital and sticking it out the weekend before being treated. Not the best weekend ever. Sounds like they both had fun with each of you though!

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