My ABC News Interview

Katie Moisse, Health Reporter with, interviewed me for an article that was posted today. The article came about because of studies that show that autism moms have a lower income than moms without an autistic child. She wanted to interview actual moms, raising an autistic child, and find out how the studies relate to us.

I think that the only moms of an autistic child that didn’t see their income lowered, or eliminated, due to raising an autistic child, is a celebrity mom. I had to stop working. My family struggles to get by on my husband’s income.

During the interview, I addressed questions about my experiences raising my son. It was difficult. Even after all of these years, talking about the years before my son’s diagnosis rips at my heart. I was talking to a friend about it last week, and I was holding back the tears. I try to not look back. I try to focus on what is, and what could be.

Yesterday, we were out bowling, and there were several birthday parties going on. My son made his way over to one of them, and the mother of the birthday girl was trying to talk to him. I rushed over to him, and apologized. I quickly explained that he doesn’t talk, and that he was autistic. My son was pointing at a little bag of Doritos that was on the table. She told him he could have it, and I thanked her for her kindness.
Later, I looked around and saw that he was back over there. She was handing him a plate. My son came back to us, and sat at the counter. He had two slices of pizza and a bag of chips. I went over to her, and before I could say anything, she looked at me and smiled. She said it was no problem, they had plenty. I thanked her for being so kind to my son. I could feel the tears in my eyes, and I could tell that she noticed them. We exchanged a couple of words, and I returned to my family.

Our lives are not easy. We struggle with taking care of our autistic child. Moments like that, the kindness of a stranger, makes things a little easier.



21 comments on “My ABC News Interview

  1. Great article! I know how tough it is… my brother raised his son, who has severe Cerebral Palsy, all by himself. So he had to quit working to be with him 24/7 (the mother left and was entirely out of the picture). My nephew is 21 now, and my brother has devoted his entire life to him.

  2. It shows tehre are truly kind people in this world. Bless you and your son for your struggles. I have a cousin who’s daughter is autistic she talks her mother has her on a strict diet and she gets special food. It helps with some issues. Hugs to you congrats on your interview hopefully it will open the govt eyes to provide assistance.

  3. That is such a touching story! It brought tears to my eyes. My cousin has a 10 year old that is autistic. I finally got to meet him Wednesday and he is such a sweetheart! He started talking at 7 years old. He has limited speech but does very well. He loves hugs. They are careful about sugars because it escalates his anxieties.

  4. I found your website from that interview you gave. Our son is almost 5 and was diagnosed with autism a few months ago (although we have “known” for quite a while). I have been at home with the kids(4) for the last several years and had originally planned on finishing up school and going back to work when he goes to kindergarten next fall. However, since his diagnosis, I have been questioning how we will make this work (i.e. thereapy appointments, sick days)with a 8-5 job. I really appreciate the perspective that your interview gave. It has really made me think about our own situation and what will be best for everyone in our family. Thank you!

    • Your welcome. I tried, but could not fit an 8-5 job around the appointments. Then add on the days that he was sick, and I would have to take off to care for him. In the end, it was just the right choice for us.

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