Staying In The Goldilocks Room

I spent the weekend at the beach with my family.  It has become a family tradition to go to the aquarium for my son’s birthday.  We opted to spend the night at the beach this year, and give ourselves a break from doing all of that driving in one day.  During the off-season, it’s easy to get a room on the beach on Carolina Beach.

We stayed at the Dolphin Lane Motel, what looked like a nice, little place from the outside.  The inside was a different matter.  The rooms are outdated, and the floors were filthy.  My kids had black feet from walking barefoot in the room.  The worse part was the beds.  We started off with the kids in one bed, and my husband and I in the other.

Our bed was way too hard.  I wasn’t happy.  My husband said the other bed was softer, so I switched places with my son.  Immediately after laying down in the other bed, I said that the bed was too soft.  I could feel bed springs.  I was getting really frustrated.  My husband replied with a comment about it being a Goldilocks room.  In turn, (I couldn’t resist), I said “Where’s my bed that is just right?”

A few minutes later, I was extremely unhappy.  I started having a hot flash, and my daughter was cuddled up with me.  She’s a furnace.  I told her to scoot over.  Wasn’t happening.  My husband called her over to the other bed.  That put the three of them in a little bed, and me in one by myself.  Was I happy?  No.  I was hot, and laying on a very uncomfortable bed.  Note to self, do not stay at that motel again.

We didn’t let the motel ruin our weekend.  The aquarium was great.  We went on Saturday, and returned on Sunday morning.  Walking through the aquarium on Sunday was great.  There wasn’t anyone else there, we got in right when they opened.  My kids loved it.

We ate supper Saturday night at Buffalo Wild Wings, in Wilmington.  I love their hot wings.  Breakfast was at Kate’s Pancake House, in Carolina Beach.  Kate’s is one of our favorite places to eat on the strip.  The food and service is always good.  They have a nice selection of healthy meals for those who watch what they eat (like me).  And the prices are reasonable.

There wasn’t much else to do during our visit.  Except for the motel, we had a good time.


21 comments on “Staying In The Goldilocks Room

  1. I’m glad that you guys had a good time with the exception of the Goldilock’s room (which made me smile, btw). And, Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. I would have had to have complained about the hotel. If the floors were that dirty I can’t imagine that the beds, mattresses, toilets, etc were too clean. I am glad you didn’t let it ruin your trip though!

  3. I tried a billion times to comment on this last night, but it keeps trying to make me sign in. It’s weird all the sudden. so I guess I have to use my Twitter account.

    Anyhow, the daytime sounded really nice, but the motel room sounded pretty awful.

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