Beach Sand and Sea Shells Crafts

My daughter brought home what I thought was a bag of sea shells from her Kids By The Sea school field trip.  When I looked at it this morning, I realized that it was a bag of sand and shells.  I’m supposed to come up with an idea to display this small bag of sand and handful of sea shells.

There isn’t enough sand to fill a bottle.  I am thinking that a small canning jar would hold the sand and shells.  I know I can buy them at Wal-Mart in quantities of 6, but I don’t want 6 of them.  Hopefully, they will have some individual ones for sale.

What do you think?  Do you have any ideas of how I can display these?


21 comments on “Beach Sand and Sea Shells Crafts

  1. Buy a frame, paint with glue dip in sand. Then glue the shells in one corner.
    Or cut out paper in shape of bookmark – dip in glue then sand. Then laminate. Drill small holes in shells, and string yarn. Bookmark!!

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