My Autism Son Is Typing Independently

I’m so proud.  My son is typing independently.  For a long time, he would only type using hand-over-hand.  This morning, I watched him on the computer, and he was typing in Shania Twain’s name.  I was so proud.  He did it perfectly.  He’s typing his name at school.  I also think that he is typing other things on the computer.  I’ve seen searches that he is doing on the computer, and they are new searches.  That means he would have typed at least the beginning of what he wanted to pull up on the computer.  Once he does that, then the search box will start pulling up things that match what he is typing.  But, he has to at least start the search by typing the beginning on the search phrase.  I’m such a proud mommy.

I spent the weekend taking care of sick kids.  Both of them were sick.  I had an AVON party scheduled for Saturday.  Luckily, the hostess wanted to do it here at my house.  I was able to keep the kids occupied while I did the party.  I ended the party with some good sales and another party scheduled.  Then, last night, I realized I scheduled the party on a day that I had family plans.  My husband and I did a quick change for our family plans, but I could tell he wasn’t happy.  We were supposed to go the aquarium for my son.  His birthday will fall during the week, and we were going to take him to the aquarium on a Saturday.  Now, we are going to go on a Sunday, and hope that we are back in time for his church class.

I’m a little upset this morning with the computer.  My husband did something to it last night, and there are a lot of thing missing on the computer.  I had to download my Chrome browser.  It was gone.  Now, I have to set my bookmarks, which is a big hassle for me.  I had a lot of sites bookmarked.  I also checked, and the pictures I had on the computer are all gone.  There were a lot, and they were family pictures that I never printed out.  That means they are all gone.  Among the pictures were several years of Christmas pictures, camping trips, family events, birthdays, school events, and more. Like I said, I’m not happy.

I know there is a way to reset the computer back to a previous point, but I don’t know how.  I also don’t know if that will restore my pictures.  My husband has some explaining to do when he gets home tonight.


19 comments on “My Autism Son Is Typing Independently

    • I shut it down, and restarted it. Everything is now back. He called me at lunch about our son, and said he didn’t do anything to the computer. He suggested doing a restart, so I did. It worked. I don’t know why it came up this morning missing so many things. I’m going to back up my pictures. If it happens again, I might not be able to fix it so easily.

  1. I’m so glad all your things were recovered I have been through loosing data and family photo’s before . congrats for your son BEt he’s SO EXCITED.

    i do have to say get a Flash drive or something and start copying those pics before it happens again.

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