Autistic Son Honored By Boy Scouts

Sunday was a proud day for our family.  My son was awarded a special honor by another Boy Scout in his troop.  Each year, a scout is picked by the previous recipient of this award.  It is the Courage In Action award, and is presented in a special ceremony to the new recipient.  This year, the previous recipient of the the award picked my son to receive it this year.

In his speech, a couple of the reasons why he selected my autistic son to receive the award were touching.  He stated that my son had really opened up this year, was interacting with the other boy scouts, and that he did some great things during the summer over-night camping trip.

I’m so proud of my son.  He has come a long way with the Boy Scouts.  He really enjoys being a part of the troop.  He loves camping.  The other scouts have been so good with him.  They’ve learned how to communicate with my non-verbal child.  They have accepted him for who he is.  They help him learn, and have made him a part of their group.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your child can not do something.  Do not think that he can’t do something.  Anything is possible when you give your child the chance.


13 comments on “Autistic Son Honored By Boy Scouts

  1. That’s an amazing story, thanks so much for sharing. It’s nice to hear that the other scouts accept him and are willing to learn how to communicate with him. I’m sure you’re so proud of him!

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