Boardmaker Pre-Made Activities Now Available

I have used Boardmaker with my son almost 10  years.  I have the versions of Boardmaker, and have taught myself how to make communication boards to use with my son.  My son is completely nonverbal, and they have helped a lot with him.  For those that don’t have the Boardmaker software, you can now print out some helpful, already made, communication boards for your child.  The pricing on the downloads of these range from $2.99 to $24.99.  They also have a free 7 day download so that you can try it out, and make sure that the program is compatible with your computer.

Puzzle Me: Volume 1

Use scanning to solve colorful puzzles!


Social Support Stories: Volume 1

Learn important social skills with these interactive stories!


Poetry Pack: Volume 1

Perfect for your little poet!


Greetings Me to You: Volume 1

Send a card for every and any occasion!


Number Sense: Volume 1

It’s a countdown to mathematical learning!


Storybook Writing Extensions: Animal Friends

Discover the wonders of writing!


Just install the CD or complete the download and your activities are ready.
No Boardmaker Authoring Software Needed.





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