Proper Bowling Etiquette

We do a lot of bowling.  Living in a small town, there’s not a lot you can do as a family.  It’s too cold to take the kids to the park.  It’s too cold for camping.  We all like to bowl, so that is what we do.  When you are bowling, there are certain things that are considered proper bowling etiquette.  There are also certain things that are unspoken rules.

First, when you are done bowling, put away the house balls that you used.  If you don’t, then the next players have to do this.  I find it very irritating to have to put back 10 balls in order to have a place to put down our bowling balls.

Second, when you are bowling next to another group, please don’t just run up and throw your ball when the person next to year is lining up and getting ready to throw their ball down the lane.

Third, when you are done bowling, leave the area.  Don’t hang around the counter where you were bowling.  There are tables and chairs you can socialize at.  If you feel you have to continue hanging out at the counter, move around to the other side.  It’s very irritating to have someone standing, and blocking the way, to us trying to put your bowling balls back and preventing us from storing our purse or bowling bags.  We like to place them under the counter, under the racks of bowling balls.  We also like to have something to drink while we are bowling.  We could not do that yesterday, because the previous group was hanging around, and had the counter filled with their stuff.

I know this may sound petty.  But when you have an autistic child, it’s not.  We have our routine at the bowling ally.  It makes things a lot easier when other people are courteous of others.  Even when my son isn’t with us, it makes our bowling experience better when the people around you are respectful.


14 comments on “Proper Bowling Etiquette

  1. I love to bowl, we try to go when we know others’ wont’ be there b/c my kids are still having a hard time with the not running up and I dont’ want to annoy the people next to me or mess them up. We always put the balls up that is something that is a big thing we taught them from day one.

  2. I don’t bowl, but I completely agree that common courtesy could make life easier for a lot of people, especially those with autism. I hate it when people allow their children in “adult only” spaces. It upsets my autistic friend.

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