Church Posts Beyonce Child Is Satan

According to TMZ, a NC church posted on it’s outdoor church sign “Beyonce Had Her Baby Satan is on Earth.”  TMZ claims in it’s article that the pastor of the church, Beulah Hill Baptist Church, said that he became aware of the sign after numerous complaints, and fixed it immediately.  The pastor has claimed that he never made that statement to TMZ, that the sign never said that, it was an internet photoshop hoax.

What do you think?  Was the sign real, or a hoax?  Either way, to me, the whole thing is in bad taste.  It’s one thing to target Beyonce, but to include an innocent baby is revolting.


11 comments on “Church Posts Beyonce Child Is Satan

  1. say what you want about TMZ but they dont ever spread stories and lies about people. they just report what they see and know. they made a report that the pastor 100% told TMZ that info and they stand by it so I believe it really happened.

    I think it’s disgusting and for a pastor to do something like that is just horrible.

    • I am not a fan of TMZ, and I don’t know the pastor, so I’m not drawing an opinion on who is telling the truth. I just think that the whole thing is in poor taste.

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