NC Hospital Policy Not To Hire Disabled

I found out yesterday that the hospital in my town has a policy not to hire mentally disabled, or let them volunteer.  I checked their website, and they claim to be an equal opportunity employer.  Is this a fair claim if they will hire a physically disabled person, but not a mentally disabled person?

One of the biggest hospitals in the state makes a point of hiring personnel with disabilities.  They will gear a job towards a person’s abilities.  Why can’t the hospital in my town do the same?  I don’t know.  I was going to contact them, and ask, but I got the feeling from my source that this was an unwritten policy.

The facts are, and I hate to admit it, they can not hire mentally disabled personnel, or allow them to volunteer, simply by not   creating positions for them.  Or by not adapting jobs for them.  There are a lot of tasks that a mentally disabled person can do, but employers have to take time to create positions for each individual person.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of employers willing to do that.

This situation saddens and angers me.  In a few years, my son will be old enough to have a job.  He is very low functioning, but there are jobs that he can do.  He’s great with organization.  He’s great about putting things in their proper place.  He’s great at sorting.  He would need someone with him at all times, but he has a community aid for that.  He also has me and his father.

Things don’t get easier as our children grow up.  If anything, they get harder.


8 comments on “NC Hospital Policy Not To Hire Disabled

    • It is. But it’s so easy for them to get away with it. It’s one thing to comply by hiring physically disabled people, and another to hire a mentally disabled person. Jobs have to be created specifically to meet the abilities of an individual with mental challenges, like my son. There are companies that are willing to do that, but they are few.

  1. There may be a reason for it…your son will be able to get a job in a lot of places, but possibly a medical environment is not the right place (people in hospitals are sick, suffering, and cause a lot of stress on the staff who struggle to help them- it may be something to protect both the patients who need staff that is extremely well functioning mentally as well as the worker who may not be able to handle the mental stress that some difficult patients or situations can put on them). I never heard of this policy before, but sometimes things are done for a reason, and I wouldn’t want my son to be in a situation that could be precarious for HIM mentally (I worked in the medical field for years, and to be honest, I just couldn’t handle the stress of people sometimes, and I’m not disabled).

    You are looking at it from the standpoint of a mom (which I get) but in some situations, it’s more important to focus on the other side (like in the case of a hospital, where there are many needy people and very sensitive things going on). I don’t think a hospital job is suitable for someone who needs an aid or one of his parents with him at all times. I would probably find a great job for him somewhere else (and since I work from home now, I’d hire my son myself 😉 ) I wouldn’t want him being abused by difficult people going through a hard medical situation who have no patience for him.

    • UNC-Chapel Hill, a big hospital in NC, makes a point of hiring and finding suitable jobs for persons with mental disabilities. I’ve done volunteer work for a small hospital. There are tasks that can be done with no interaction with patients. I remember one that I did where I sat a ta small table, and sorted items the whole time.

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