Got An Early Start This Morning

The first day of the Mamavation Challenge exercises kicked my but yesterday.  Planks look so easy, but they aren’t.  My body felt like jello when I was done.  I woke up early this morning and decided to get as many of the 10,000 steps daily goal out of the way before the kids woke up.  I was able to get 2,000 done.  8,000 left.  I think I will get those done after I get the kids onto the school buses.  It’s cold out, but the walking heats the body up quickly.

I learned that Lean Cuisine meals can be tricky.  I bought a couple that had two servings in them.  Luckily, I noticed that before I ate both servings last night.  My daughter was happy about that, because that meant I was able to share it with her. I also learned that my first attempt at the low calorie, low fat oatmeal cookies was better than I thought.  My son had munched out on them.  I was also able to have a couple yesterday without going over my calorie and fat limit.

My husband was in a bad mood when he came home from work yesterday.  The two weeks off for the holidays was too long.  He was tired, and stressed out.  I left him alone until he started to talk about it.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him in that kind of mood.  I hope today is better for him.

My daughter was still doing her homework when he got home last night.  She didn’t finish it until 7:30.  That’s way too long.  It’s not that she had a lot of homework, she just wasn’t concentrated on it.  She kept getting up to do something else.  It’s so hard to get her focused on her homework.  I hope she does better today, because she has church classes tonight.

Time to help the kids get ready for school.

Update:  Did the other 8,000 steps.  Took 1 hour and 15min, for a total of 1 hour 40 min for the full 10,000 steps.


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