Wrestling With Carbs, Calories, and Fiber

I’ve been eating healthy for about 4 ½ months. I’ve been exercising for about 6 weeks. I couldn’t exercise before that because of my undiagnosed endometriosis and the surgery I had to have because of it. My cholesterol was high in August, and higher in December. I’m working hard on lowering it and on losing weight.
I’ve lost 30 pounds since I’ve started my healthy lifestyle diet. I’m having a hard time with figuring out what I should be eating. I did some research, and different websites say different things. I took what they had written on their sites and Have come up with what I think works for me. I’m trying to stick to 1200 calories a day. This is difficult. I tracked what I was eating the last two days, and was only getting about 1000 calories.
I am trying to keep my carbs at about 150g a day, my fiber at 20g, and my fat under 20g. With what I have been eating lately, my fat grams a day are under 10g. My fiber is averaging about 16g a day. If I get it higher, I also increase my carbs.
It’s a balancing act. Eat this, don’t eat that. If I raise the grams of good x, I’ll raise the grams of bad x. I can’t live without grains, so a low carb diet isn’t right for me. I have switched my bread to a wheat bread that is high in fiber. I have found that if I start my day with an egg sandwich, I eat better the rest of the day. I use Egg Beaters, and am so happy that they exist.
I’m working on an oatmeal cookie recipe that is low in fat and carbs. My first attempt at it was today. I wasn’t happy with the taste of them. The kids like them. I’ll re-work the recipe and try them again next weekend.
I am going to participate in the Mamavation Challenge. It’s difficult to diet and exercise alone. I’m hoping that having an online community to do this with will help. I have 45 pounds left to lose. I’ve told my husband to save some of our tax money for me to use for a shopping spree when I reach my goal weight. I really hope that by the time summer arrives, I can put on a bathing suit and not be embarrassed.


10 comments on “Wrestling With Carbs, Calories, and Fiber

    • If I’m not showing a big improvement in all of my numbers by the time of my next doctor appt, I’ll ask her to schedule one. My cholesterol re-check is scheduled for March.

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