My Daughter Has Been Possessed

Not really, but it does seem like it.  The kids went back to school this week, and my daughter has been acting like she has been possessed.  I put it down to not enough sleep.  She’s been irritable, throwing temper tantrums, and crying at the littlest of things.

Yesterday I reached my breaking point.  I didn’t yell, but it was difficult.  We were in the hallway, staring at each other, and I could tell she knew she had gone too far.  Her tantrum stopped, and her eyes were wide as she looked at me.  I told her she was close to pushing me past my limit.  I also told her I knew it was because she wasn’t getting enough sleep.  She begged me to forgive her.  Of course I did.  But, she was going to bed early.  As soon as her homework, dinner, and bathing was done, she was going to go to bed.

This morning, she seems to be doing better.  No signs of the stranger I was dealing with before.  She is getting ready for school, and all is calm.

What do you do when your child turns into a banshee?


6 comments on “My Daughter Has Been Possessed

  1. Maybe hormones, maybe the weather, but today my son woke up acting like he was possessed- cried for an hour for no reasons, wanted to pull me this way and that…who knows what it is?

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