Granville County NC Firefighter Saves Brothers

I would like to give a huge shout out to Lt. Chris Brogden of the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department in NC.  On his way to work this morning, he stopped at a house that was on fire.  Inside were two brothers sleeping.  He was able to get them out, and the firefighters from the Providence, Corinth and Oxford fire departments responded to the fire and were quickly able to get it under control.  Status of the two men have not been released.  You can read more on the WRAL website.

Another fire in Aberdeen took the lives of two women.  It was a kitchen fire in a mobile home.  The cause is still under investigation.

Investigators found the bodies of Judith Seabolt, 81, and her daughter, Patricia Rogers, 60, in the rubble of the home after extinguishing the fire, authorities said.

God bless the unsung heros, and God take care of the two souls that were lost to us today.


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