Henderson NC Teen Shoots Intruder

Henderson teen tells 911 dispatcher: ‘I just shot the man’ :: WRAL.com.

Last week, a 14 year old boy from Henderson, NC shot an intruder during a home invasion.  The authorities said that Anthony Henderson Jr broke into the home of the teenage boy and his sister.  The boy believed that the intruder had a gun, and shot Henderson when he entered the house.  Henderson was found dead on the lawn.  No charges have been brought against the young boy, as he was acting in self-defense of his home.

This is a scary event.  I can’t imagine my children being in that position.  You expect them to be safe at home.  Even if you are not there.  After this, I wonder if either teenager will ever feel safe in their home again.

I wanted to share a few basic gun safety rules for families with children, along with some basic rules for handling guns.  These are taken from the NRAHQ website.

What Should You Teach Your Child About Gun Safety?

If you have decided that your child is not ready to be trained in a gun’s handling and use, teach him or her to follow the instructions of NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program. If you find a gun:


STOP!Don’t Touch.

Leave the Area.

Tell an Adult.

Basic Gun Safety Rules for adults:

Basic Gun Safety Rules

Although the NRA has complete gun safety rules available for specific types of firearm use (hunting and competition, for example), the following three rules are fundamental in any situation. Whether or not you own a gun, it is important to know these rules so that you may insist that others follow them.


  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Whether you are shooting or simply handling a gun, never point it at yourself or others.Common sense will tell you which direction is the safest. Outdoors, it is generally safe to point the gun toward the ground, or, if you are at a shooting range, toward the target. Indoors, be mindful of the fact that a bullet can penetrate ceilings, floors, walls, windows, and doors.


  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. When holding a gun, rest your trigger finger outside the trigger guard alongside the gun. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger. 
  • Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. If you do not know how to check to see if a gun is unloaded, leave it alone. Carefully secure it, being certain to point it safely and to keep your finger off the trigger, and seek competent assistance.


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