The Easy To Lose Stylus

My son received a Coby Android Tablet for Christmas from my sister.  He loves it.  I have a small complaint about it, though.  There is no place on it to store the little stylus.  Of course, the stylus has been lost several times.  We have been lucky in that it doesn’t stay lost for very long.  At least, not yet.

My children both have a Nintendo DS.  They have a place to store the stylus.  This helps, but they can still manage to lose or misplace their stylus.  Because of this, we bought some extras.  Even given this, there have been times that we haven’t been able to find any of them.  That’s when the scavenger hunt begins.  Looking in all of the toy boxes, under beds, in seat cushions.  Eventually, they start turning up.

With my son’s tablet, losing the stylus wouldn’t be so bad if it was easy for him to use with his fingers.  It isn’t.  You have to touch it just right for it to respond.  My son has little patience.  When it doesn’t respond the way it should, he gets frustrated.

One thing I am happy about is how well he has been taking care of the tablet.  He’s very gentle with it.  He doesn’t leave it laying around on the floor.  It is always put away after he is done with it.

Most of all, the tablet has been great for freeing up my computer.  He can now watch his YouTube music videos all he wants, and my husband and I can use our computer without our son trying to take it over.


14 comments on “The Easy To Lose Stylus

  1. My daughter loses the stylus to her DSi all the time… even though there’s a place for it. I even have 2 back up 3-packs on hand because every couple days she needs a new one before finding the original.

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