I Miss Big Lots

Back in April of this year, North Carolina was hit by several devastating tornados.  My little town was one of the casualties of a hard hitting tornado.  It swept through our town, damaging homes and businesses.  It was scary for me and my family, because we were just a couple blocks from it’s path.

Lowe’s was destroyed, and Big Lots and Tractor Supply were damaged.  Both Big Lots and Tractor Supply had to close down.    They posted signs that they will be re-opening, but haven’t.  Lowe’s rebuilt and re0opened quickly.  I don’t do any shopping at Tractor Supply, so I don’t miss that store.  I do miss Big Lots.  I want them to re-open or move to a different location.

The park down the street has not had any work done to it.  It was devastated.  I drive by it everyday, and cringe.  Not just because the kids can’t play there anymore, but also because of how unsafe it looks.  It’s also a constant reminder of that tragic day.  Everything twisted and torn apart.  The thought of how quickly the weather can change, and you could lose everything.

Christmas has gone by, the New Year is almost upon us.  This is a time of year that most people reflect on what is past, and look towards the future.  There are still families without homes because of the tornados that hit our states.  There are also other states that still have families that had their lives completely turned upside down by tornados spawned from the same weather system that brought us ours.  I’d like to take this time to send them my prayers and best wishes for the New Year.


5 comments on “I Miss Big Lots

    • Seeing it on this news is so different than experiencing it and seeing it in person. I was really shook up from the seeing all of the damage when it happened, and when the tornado was in my neighborhood.

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